2 Jars of Authentic St. Dalfour Deo-White Underarm Whitening Cream



Authentic St. Dalfour Dermakler Deo White Underarm Whitening Cream


1 jar can last 2 – 3 months

50 grams in 1 jar

Made in Kuwait

Shy to wear sleeveless tops?

Do you constantly find yourself wishing there was a way to minimize the appearance of the embarrassing and uncomfortable dark underarm appearance?

For that smooth, white, flawless underarms you’ve always wanted. Proven 99.9% satisfaction guaranteed!!!

St. Dalfour Dermakler Deo White Underarm Cream is very effective in lightening underarm skin. You won’t need to spend money on expensive whitening clinics and spas. With a continuous application of St. Dalfour Dermakler Deo White Underarm Whitening Cream, it will do wonders such as:

  • – Help lighten dark underarms

  • – Smooths skin

  • – Protect against body odor


If you are using deodorants right now, then you should know that this product may prevent body odor.

A product that is carefully manufactured with the highest and purest ingredients. This cream is dramatically effective for your armpit. Within 2 weeks, your skin will look softer and whiter. Extra formulation with a special additive solution to prevent the unpleasant smell. Create a clear, fresh and confident feeling all day long.

This is not your typical deodorant and it really works. Only a small amount is needed. 1 jar will last several months.



  • – Non-Oily

  • – Quick Dry

  • – 24 Hour Underarm Protection

  • – Intense Skin Whitener

  • – Stain Free


Active Ingredients:

Bearberry extract, Vitamin E, Sunblock, Organic Milk, Moisturizer and Combinations of natural fruits and seaweed extract found only in the Middle East.


All natural ingredients that will make your skin GLOW! GUARANTEED!!





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